Cheese Guru

Cheese Guru

Cheese guru is the home of cheese lovers, its aim is to be an
interactive platform for all kinds of people talking about food
in general and about their interest in cheese in particular.
Because life is too short to be eating boring food and tasteless cheese we will be talking about Cheese, good cheese, and unique cheeses, the kind that you get addicted to.

We will investigate and share stories and experiences about Food, places where good food is prepared, and about the love of cheese.

Where does the cheese come from, when and how is it used?

But also how Cheese is made, matured, eaten, what to pair it
with, food and drink, when to eat it? How to taste it?

Cheese as a cooking ingredient. Cheese throughout history, cultures and countries.
But also everything cheesy, knifes, boards, utensils, souvenirs, pictures, Cheese education, books, videos and movies, anecdotes. 

In other words you could say that this is the home of the Cheese Addicts. So if you feel that your tank is running low and get goosebumps when you hear the word cheese it means that you need your fix, so make sure you pay us a visit and we’ll do our best to make your dreams come true.