Although not a Cheese Maker himself Grant Warren as a farmer and the sole supplier of milk of La Petite France has always played an essential role in the process of making the best Unpasteurized Brie and Camembert in South Africa. Originally started by two Frenchmen in the pure French tradition La Petite France Dairy is located near Howick in Kwazulu Natal. Grant has recently taken over the business and now controls the whole process from the milk supply to the cheese making and the distribution Nationwide. The future holds a new design and presentation not only for the Brie and the Camembert (which are the Brand’s Flagships) but also for the new cheeses: a range of Feta preserved in Olive oil instead of brine, a Tilsiter which is a Swiss style stirred Cheddar and a blue called Hilton in reference to its region of origin. Well one thing is sure; if Grant wasn’t a Cheese Maker to start with his passion for the cheese he now makes will surely make up for his late start as a Cheese Maker. Interviewed by the Cheese Guru –

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