Franck Dangereux Chef/Owner of the Foodbarn talks about his debut at La Colombe Restaurant, which he created back in 1996, after 10 years of running La Colombe and winning many awards it was time for him to open his own Restaurant which he did with his partner Pete called the Foodbarn in the Noordhoek Village.

Casual Fine dining is how Franck describes the culinary experience on offer at the Foodbarn, where you can enjoy good food with a certain degree of sophistication in terms of Presentation and Service but in a relax environment.

And that is exactly what you feel when indulging at the Foodbarn, the Food is refined but it’s friendly and cosy.

Franck then explain that the success of the Foodbarn is due to his involvement in the local community as a restaurant owner but also as a neighbour and the fact that everyone at the Foodbarn love what they do and is passionate about it, and this transpires in what guests experience when they visit the restaurant.

Passion for Life, for good food and for good cheese, all common points between Franck and the Cheeseguru

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