Laurent Deslandes moved from Australia to South Africa, as he wanted to open a restaurant in Cape Town, and as he says this
was so bizarre because most people do it the other way round, they move from South Africa to Australia, and he does not regret
any of it. But it was so unusual that it influenced him in choosing a name for his restaurant, and the mix between Bizerque
and Bizarre gave Bizerca…. but hey he is French…. it helps

Located on Heritage Square in Short Market Street, Laurent says he cooks the food he loves, French specialties, all in an atmosphere of
a Tapas Bistro. Like most French he loves cheese and was even force to eat cheese for breakfast as a child as he was banned from eating Jam.

Today he uses cheese in many dishes he prepares but also on his cheese platter and as he is a cheese connoisseur he knows that a good
cheese platter must feature a goat cheese….

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