Franck Dangereux Started La Colombe Restaurant, he then went onto opening the Food Barn in Noordhoek where he still is the Executive Chef - " if i was to a tasting blindfolded i would not be able to tell the difference between European, or French cheese and Pepe Charlot's Cheese" "Pepe has so perfected is buche receipe, if you close your eyes and taste his buche you can easily imagine that you are in Provence sitting at a terrace of a cafe tasting the authentic Sainte Maure buche" " i never thought i would be able to taste that quality of cheese here in South Africa made in South Africa" " Pepe your cheese is flipping amazing",
David Higgs who started the restaurant "The 500" at the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg speaks to us about Pepe Charlot "I've known Pepe for a long time, he was one of those suppliers that came to see me in Johannesburg and told me he was making this product in the suburbs around the corner from the Saxon Hotel" " From then on we had a really good relationship purely based on the fact of great customer service and more importantly an incredible product and it was always a pleasure to be able to hear that he was coming because i know that he would bring something new for me to taste and try" " You won't find a more passionate person when it comes to Cheese, together with Pepe and Mikki Ciman i have a very close relationship with the cheese makers in this country ". David Higgs Executive Chef at the Saxon Hotel ..,