Wedding Cake with a difference

Luke Williams Culture Cheese Club

Luke Williams was already selling Cheese wedding cakes back in the days when he still worked in London at La Fromagerie, so this was natural for him to promote this original concept at his own shop, Culture Club Cheese at no233 Bree Street in Central Cape town which he has opened just over a year ago. He says that people go for a wedding cheese cake for various reasons, amongst them the most obvious the Love of Cheese, but also to get away from sugar and flour and have a more “banting option” as well as adding another course to the wedding menu instead of just having a desert with a traditional wedding cake.

Cheese Wedding Cake CU

Now typically the cheesecake would be made of both hard and soft cheeses, for structural reasons the hard and larger cheeses are placed at the bottom. While the softer or creamier ones would be placed on top of the hard ones, the tiny cheeses can be placed right at the top, some fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and grapes will decorate the cheese as well as being eaten together with the cheese, crackers and bread.

Order your wedding cake by calling Luke at Culture Club Cheese on 0213007302 – or go to their Facebook page: Culture Club Cheese – –

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