Luke Dale-Robert’s Sous-chef at la Colombe Wesley Randles is a very busy young chef.

After following His Mentor and resigning with him leaving the leafy suburb of Constancia and its famous restaurant, he is Luke’s right arm in Woodstock at the start of The Test Kitchen.

As Luke new restaurant raises to its fame and the waiting list for a table becomes outrageously long (today it stands at 6 month) there is a need for an offload and a place more relax, more fun, and less impressive than the Test Kitchen, hence the birth of the Potluck in 2013, and who else better than Wesley to lead the new establishment.

As Wesley says Pot Luck will be all about taste and experiment with flavors, a fun and lovely place to enjoy very good food in a relax and less formal atmosphere. Today the offspring is faced with a similar challenge, or should we say reward, as the Test Kitchen, a waiting listing that you can count in weeks instead of month but a waiting list nevertheless and with it ever increasing expectations on the part of the visitors. And that is the time that Wesley has chosen to make some room for newcomers while he tackles a new Challenge in only a few weeks, the opening of the Short Market Club, there is a resemblance in the name but this is Wesley’s baby here is what he had to say to the Cheeseguru.

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